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Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry


We Are Living in a Digital World

Have you been reading about health care facilities making the change to digital record keeping?  There are many good reason for these changes in the health care system and our office has made the change to digital records in September 2012.  The move away from paper charts and film radiographs has been a challenge (just ask our staff !) but the move to a more efficient and secure system will improve the dental services we provide to our patients in the long run.


Did You Know?

Digital dental x-rays (radiographs) can reduce the already low exposure of dental x-ray films by one half to one third.

That’s good for our patients!

Digital dental radiographs eliminate the need for film developing chemicals.

That’s good for our environment!

Digital x-rays improve the efficiency of our dental practice which helps to control you dental health care costs.

That’s good for all of us!

There are lots of good reasons our practice utilizes digital radiography, ask us about this important technology at your next visit

We have also invested in the iTero digital impression scanner that helps us provide our patients with beautiful, well fitting and long lasting crown and bridge services while minimizing the mess and discomfort associated with these services at our digital dentistry The Todd Haworth Dentistry.

Digital technology used on dental patient.

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Digital radiography has many benefits, ask us about this important technology at your next visit.